ImaGen 视景服务器



ImaGen实时COTS IG可以进行定制配置,以满足广泛的性价比要求 - 从单通道系统到大型多通道Gen-locked IG平台。 ImaGen系统采用NVIDIA最新的Quadro和GeForce显卡。

ImaGen运行在Concurrent的 RedHawk Linux 实时操作系统上。RedHawk delivers the jitter-free, deterministic rendering performance you need in high-fidelity trainers.ImaGen运行Concurrent的RedHawk Linux实时操作系统。RedHawk提供高保真训练器所需的无抖动,确定性渲染性能。

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Support for Industry Standard Rendering Software

ImaGen supports a wide range of 3D visualization software, such as Diamond Visionics GenesisIG, Presagis Vega Prime, OpenSceneGraph, OpenGL and OpenGL Performer. ImaGen solutions running GenesisIG are specially designed and fully optimized for multi-channel applications.

Flexible Multi-Channel Rendering

Any number of ImaGen visual servers can be linked together to produce a single, unified output image to any desired level of photorealism. The power of individual ImaGen servers can be assigned to render specific subsets of an image in parallel. ImaGen supports a variety of image combining modes such as sample division for anti-aliasing, time division, image division, eye division and volume division for large rendering applications.

Commercial and military flight, maritime and driving simulators require multiple displays to provide photorealistic views of an environment as seen from a cockpit, window or control panel. ImaGen genlock functionality enables synchronization with standard video signal formats or house-sync signals providing a powerful solution for display, video briefing and compositing.

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